Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cupid's Love Bytes

Well, I started up a new blog (adult), which should make some or all of you very happy.  It's called Cupid's Love Bytes and is restricted to adults only, so if you are not adult or are offended by the sight of nude guys, then don't have a look.  Otherwise, enjoy the journey, and may Cupid fling an arrow your way.  Its not my fault if you get caught in the line of fire.  You have been warned.  The bytes come in because the images are digital and the arrow may cause a bit of a bite!  This keeps this blog general and non-restricted.  For those that are able, enjoy the journey! - Volker


DeepBlue said...

Hi Volker,

Is it me or you forgot to actually put a link to your new blog???


SpiritMountainGuy said...


Its really quite easy. If you go to my list of favourites in the right-hand sidebar, you will find "Cupid's Love Bytes" listed there. That is the same place where you find the link to my photo blog, "Volker's Photo Blog." I plan to update my post to include the link to make it easier.

Have an awesome week, what remains of it!

~ Volker