Thursday, March 1, 2012

south asian

On my way home on the SkyTrain this evening a young guy got on at Granville station and sat down on the seat to my immediate left between me and a support post.  He was slim in build wearing medium blue denim jeans, a jacket with dark hair.  It appeared me to be south asian, perhaps tamil (darker skin).  His right leg was nestled up against my left and his right arm snuggled behind my left.  I got good vibes from him.  Perhaps he's sat down beside me before!  The seat to his left was empty but a young woman was sitting down to the left of that.  When the seats opposite us emptied, he just sat where he was, making no attempt to move.  He ended up getting up  and off the train at Edmonds station.  All in the life of travelling on the SkyTrain.  Have a good night, guys! - V

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