Monday, March 5, 2012

the train

While on my way home this evening on the SkyTrain, a young lady and a male friend got on at one of the stations (Broadway).  Rather than take a seat, because there were a few since it wasn't fully packed, they opted to stand in the doorway nearest me.  I was seated at the end of a row of seats with a glass partition between me and the door.  The young lady was in the doorway leaning against the partition and the young guy was standing closer to the centre aisle leaning against a pole next to me on my left.

At one point the guy, slim and wearing blue denim jeans, adjusted his footing looking down to where my feet were.  Later, at one point, his calf touched my left thigh, not just once but at least twice.  By this point either of them could have sat down together most anywhere.  They both got off at New Westminster station and I continued on to my stop at Sapperton (grocery shopping).

Why do people do what they do?  That's why we have sociologists, psychologists and psychiatrists studying people and their interactions, not to mention find out why they do what they do and the motivations behind their actions.  This evening it felt like someone playing footsie under a table and it wasn't with the person they were with or perhaps close to socially.  I was just waiting for the train to make a sudden stop and have him fly in my lap or on the floor.  The train has been known to make these sudden stops on occasion.  Judging by what I saw when they left, he could fly in my lap any day and I would have tried to save him from embarrassment, he was certainly good-looking enough for anyone!  Anyway, you can think about the ways this might have turned out otherwise.  More later...

~ Volker

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