Sunday, February 22, 2009

day to day activities

Its lunch time here on the west coast, raining lightly and the sky is a dull grey. I just had a hot shower after getting up late (after 11 am) and feel refreshed and alive ready to tackle the day's activities, including the laundry that I didn't get done yesterday!

During a weekday, I normally get up around 5 am, do the usual bathroom activities like taking a pee, brushing my teeth and having a good, long, hot shower to wake me up for the coming workday. Then I pack what I'm going to take into work with me, such as a change of clothes and food for breaks and lunch (I usually don't buy anything except on occasion, like paydays), and then prepare some breakfast, usually oatmeal with fruit, granola or shreaded wheat in the summer, plus toast and tea. Then I sit down to fire up the computer (laptop) and read whatever emails might have been received since the previous day. All the while, I haven't gotten dressed yet. I sleep nude and don't get dressed until long after getting out of the shower. Usually about 7 am I put on a t-shirt, then some socks and briefs, take one final trip to the bathroom before getting into my jeans, putting shoes on and adding a jacket, sweater or nothing further, depending on the weather and the time of year. I grab my backpack, turn off the lights and head out the door, locking up behind me.

The bus is usually at the main corners where I live shortly after 7:30, so I leave home no later than 7:20 (I've got it down to a science). Its a short ride to the SkyTrain station and then a 30 minute or so ride into town where I work. The SkyTrain ride is the usual, crowed after 22nd Street station and particularly bad at Joyce, where people often step on my toes getting in. I stay positioned near the doors, so I can easily get out rather than fighting my way through toward the doors when needing to exit. Aside from getting stepped on, I have gotten pushed, squeezed against the partition where I'm standing, had my nuts rapped a few times, and so on. After twenty years of taking the trains you'd think people would have a handle on it by this time but this is not the case. They can be rude and selfish, stand in front of the doors when people are trying to get off, or worse, get on while people are getting off. Going home is no different, just in the reverse. The train gets less packed as you get closer to home.

I spend my day at work doing what I have to do and then am off at 5 pm but often don't get out the door until around 5:30 pm or so. If something has happened that requires my attention, then I might get out a bit later. That's the weekday!

On weekends, I sleep in, obviously not getting up at 5 am, and often get up between 9 and 10 am, but on a rare occasion will be up between 8 and 9 am. The weekends is when I get stuff done, especially in the colder months of the year where the daylight hours are so short. In the summer its different because there is so much more daylight to work with. So in the summer I can spread things out through the week taking my camera along for a trip after work, such as Stanley Park or Burnaby Mountain as just two examples. The weekend is when the lion's share of chores and such are done (i.e. laundry, cooking, cleaning the apartment, etc) and of course, any excursions about the Greater Vancouver area. Such destinations as Grouse Mountain, Queen Elizabeth Park and Victoria are still in the works. Of course, there's Whistler where I haven't been yet either.

I do plan on setting up a studio in the livingroom area and get started at doing indoor photography, so getting studio lights and such is a must. That will be done as we get into spring. All that may require adjusting the schedule some, the after work hours one that is. With a partner living and working with me (photography) it may mean adjusting the schedule some for that reason alone.

These are exciting times but this is my normal day to day schedule, so I'm active even when not working. Needless to say, I don't spend a lot of time in front of a tv but do have plenty of movies on dvds and vhs tapes to spend an evening with a diversion for two. Getting out to enjoy a restaurant or bar is a very strong possibility once my partner's here. I don't care to eat or drink alone. I can do that at home currently. Getting out in nature to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and exercise is what its about for most of the year.

Have a great Sunday and week for those that are already there! Now its off to finish my late breakfast and then get the laundry done.

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