Saturday, February 21, 2009


Awesome-looking abs get noticed and rightly so considering the effort that goes into getting them in the first place and keeping them as well. Then a well-toned, muscled man get attention for other reasons. Aesthetically, it looks good, handsome or what is commonly referred to as "hot", to the point of being erotic! Well, this afternoon I went digging in my files to find some "hot" examples that might inspire guys to improve their physique for the better. Here is what I found but you be your own judge.
Needless to say, the laundry that I had planned to do during the afternoon into evening didn't get done and so will have to be done Sunday since Monday is the beginning of another work week. Feel free to comment and add your critique! Have a great Sunday!!!


MAC said...

You have been a busy boy. It's laundry day at my house too. Good Times. Have a fabulous day!

Volker said...

Its raining today (Sunday), so its a good time for getting work done indoors. Have an awesome day too!