Monday, February 9, 2009


After two major moves, one from Ontario to the Vancouver area and the other just within the lower mainland, I finally found my briefcase. It, along with many other things, had been packed away by the movers in Ontario in September 2005. Luckily there wasn't anything that I needed immediately, just school documents and the like, but its been after my stuff came out of storage that I found it. When I moved into the place I had been living at in Surrey, I spent a year looking for one of the legs on the living room sofa, didn't find it, so auctioned off some of the living room furniture, some china and stuff and got rid of it. I found the leg I'd been looking for: in a box with china (that box had been in the recreation room, or rec room as its said for short, far enough away from the living room of the time). That was about two weeks ago or so. There was no breakage with the most recent mover but I can't say the same for the first move! You could probably tell me some stories of your own regarding moves and movers!

Weatherwise, it was a mix of sun and cloud today, not as warm as last week but still nice. There is some rain in the forecast for this week but I haven't seen any yet. If the long-range weather forcast is correct (don't hold your breath just yet), we're expecting better weather this coming weekend that we've had for a while. All the better to get that camera out and take some awesome pics. I'll post the first of the spring flowers here. The end of February can see some blooms emerging but my trusty camera will reveal the wonders of nature in due time!

Meantime, its back to unpacking and sorting what's left, what hasn't gone to the auctioneer plus I've got a new lamp to assemble, a lamp I bought at Ikea some months ago and didn't get around to assembling. Have a great week!

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