Saturday, February 7, 2009

Setting up

Today, I finally got around to removing the glass table top from the crate it was housed in during storage and onto the table its supposed to be on. I found the table cloth and a couple of placemats plus a glass bowl to dress it up a bit. The colour scheme on the walls is a bit drab for my taste but has to do for a while until I can dress up the walls a bit with some pictures. The dining cabinet isn't loaded yet since a leg on the base needs to be re-glued. I'll have to get someone to help me remove the large upper piece first so I can turn the base over to re-glue the leg. When that's dry, then its a matter of turning the lower piece upright and then placing the larger piece on top followed by installing the glass shelves and doors. Only then can I load the cabinet with china and glasses. My father designed and built that cabinet back in 1958-59 in the early years in Canada after emigrating from Germany, so the piece has some sentimental value to it eventhough it does need a bit of refinishing to make it look like new.

The dining set has been around since the early 1970s when my parents bought it for the new house they had just purchased a few years earlier. My mother, a pisces, loved the colour violet! By the way, my father was a gemini, my younger brother a capricorn and me, a leo. This made for an interesting household!

After removing the glass top and setting up the table, I collected the recycle material to take outside along with the crate. Since I don't have a crowbar, I used a hammer/large chisel combination to lift the particle board on the one side of the crate and then the claw on the hammer to remove the nails one by one but it worked though slowly. Inside I found paper matting covering the glass top and a couple of pads/blankets cushioning that. The movers should have done all this because the pads/blankets belong to them, not me!

After a supper of perogies (with cheddar) and tea (not very nutritous but it works for now), I got down to downloading these photos I took this evening and reading emails. A vegetable stew with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic and herbs in a vegetable broth is on menu for Sunday. There'll likely be more potato pancakes Sunday as well with liftovers going to work on Monday and Tuesday. Payday is Friday which means the bills get paid and groceries are bought to refill the fridge and cupboard.

We've managed to have some sun today (Saturday), so I hope for the same on Sunday. Next weekend promisses to be even better as spring approaches here on the west coast. Hope you're have a great weekend! Have an awesome Sunday!!!

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