Monday, January 9, 2012

thoughts of land and my retirement

Over the weekend I've been mulling over the possibility of saving up funds to purchase some land back east and building a country cottage on it.  I am looking at Nova Scotia as the place of prime interest.  Land has become insanely expensive here in the west since I came out here and since I had to spend all of the money I came out here with to live while I was recovering from my illness, the plans have to necessarily change.  For the moment, I make more money out here than I would back east, so I'll remain here for the time being salting the funds away and then make a purchase when the time is right.

My retirement is but seven years away, so once this all becomes reality, I plan to spend my time back east continuing my photography, painting (oils and watercolours), writing and exploring nature which I have always loved.  There's a lot to see out east, so living there and exploring, even while retired, is one way to see the country.  I've seen what Cape Breton looks like from programs on television.  That's a definite destination once I'm out there.

I plan to make a few drawings and sketches, so I will post some of my ideas to share with others.  The cottage will be very simple and practical with a galley kitchen, living room, dining area, a small bathroom and at least one bedroom.  The living room is planned to have a cozy fireplace and comfortable seating.  Meantime, while your thoughts are on that and the possibilities, have a good night, guys! - V


MAC said...

Sounds amazing... Good Luck!!!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Its amazing how fast the time flies. At one point you're in your 20s, then your 30s..thinking there's still lots of time..then you're in your 50s and it time to thinking about the retirement years!

This property will be a way for me to do those things that I've long had an interest in but lack time or motivation. Of course, sharing my remaining years and these activities with someone (Brad perhaps?) would be wonderful. I couldn't plan it better!

Keep following along. I plan to post more on this. Perhaps this will motivate others to do their thing before the clock runs out of time and we return home to where we came.

~ Volker