Friday, June 27, 2008

Info on the day - to - day

Hey blog-lovers ,

A potentially busy day is on the incline & I thought I would
drop a post before I hit the town!

Lately I have been designing a bussiness plan for Volker and I to operate out of
BC, in an online genius franchise, that holds unlimited potential for gain & growth.
The plans are going well, and are in the 30% completed range at the second.

Iam planning to buy my ticket online at midnight on July 4th, because Volker
and I have scheduled a bussiness agreement for that time,
( At least he is reliable unlike other people I know
who should have cheques in my office by now. )

I will be contacting an old friend & advice giver, Ethan Reynolds tonight.
I'm sure there are alot of Ethan or " JR " fans on here, depending
on how much gossip you may believe, you can select the name for yourself!
Regarless, I will be contact Ethan on behalf oy my friend Volker, for a few questions.

So, my day begins and the plans look like ;

9 holes of golf, gym, lunch and coffee at chez bruno cafe & bistro,
swimming at the beach with a friend, cruising & bussiness.

I will have a bigger post with more information that is infact a ton more
fun to read posted by Sunday! Be sure to check back.

Daily prediction ;

Rain & fog.

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