Sunday, June 1, 2008

Imaginary boxes

Well, I've thought about the subject of labels and then imagenary boxes we create and put ourselves in. These boxes needlessly limit our experiences in life and the positive lessons that can be gained as a result. I like guys and so the label attached to that would be the word "gay" but really what defines us? My friend Brad is straight but open. I guess he got me to thinking about these labels we create to hid behind or these imaginary boxes that act as prisons of our own making.

Whether "gay" or "straight" or whatever, love is so precious and so necessary in this world. Does it really matter about the gender of the other person? I think not. Who among us is perfect? None. We all have failings where improvements can be made. Do we really have the right to point the finger of judgement on our fellows without first considering our own failings and short comings? I think not. So, love and respect one another! As it is written, "do onto others as you would do onto them!" If one does not like to be the subject of anger and hate, do not dish it out to others. Break the cycle of hate and love one another. Do kind deeds for others without conditions. Open a door for someone with arms full of parcels regardless of gender or help that older lady across the street. Or perhaps offer assistance in giving directions. These are but examples. I'm sure you can come up with some more.

Love and respect others regardless of gender, nationality, race or station in life. This can be very infectious and beneficial to us all in the long run. Above all move out of those self-created boxes and experience life to the fullest. More on this later! I'm just warming up!!! - Volker

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