Saturday, September 18, 2010

hot dudes and more

Its been just over a week since I heard from Brad but he did warn me that he can only use the computer at the work camp he's in when the operator is away. We can only exchange emails but even a short one is a welcomed message. Brad's staying in a second work camp and, if I'm correct, this one's on the island, Vancouver Island! He's cooking for the guys and again, if memory serves me correctly, its something he was doing back east in Nova Scotia. The first camp he was in was in Kicking Horse Pass where he was staying with his cousin, the only cousin he's got he says. I passed through that area on my way west in February 2006, the route through Banff, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse Pass and Golden and on to Vancouver. Brad must like where he's at and what he's doing. Its his journey through life and I should be patient enough to see him take it where he has to go.

The second camp sounds like one that's much easier for me to get to, so I sent him an email today asking if we could meet up there or in a nearby town. I'll wait to see what happens but I'd love to see him and get caught up on things. It beats emails and stuff though they've got their place too!
Today its a mixed bag. Its been raining, not that we don't need it, but its also been sunny at times. The temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius and the humidity, well, its around 88 percent from what I see on the weather network.
I re-loaded my smartcard, so I have enough funds to get the laundry done either this evening or in the morning. Then I've been reading emails and checking out blogs through the afternoon. Now with the rain stopped for a bit I may head over to the mall at Metrotown, Metropolis at Metrotown its called. There's more coming, so come back!
Well, I've added a few photos here of hot guys in jeans and one not. I love seeing awesome dudes with their hot physiques stuffed into blue jeans or whatever attire they like and I hope you do too, so enjoy the pics! They're taken from the net but I can't say who the models are or who took their photos. Obviously not mine but I'd love to take such awesome photographic work. Have a great weekend, guys!!! - V

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