Monday, September 6, 2010

more Admiralty Point Trail pics

The Admiralty Point Trail runs south from its trailhead in Belcarra Park in the village of Belcarra and continues south to Burns Point via Cod Rock and Admiralty Point. This is a selection of photos I took on the Saturday, August 28th hike which took three hours down and back, including to stop for photos! Aside from plenty of conifers of various types and deciduous trees like alder and such, there are lots of ferns to be seen plus a few colourful surprises.
I did take a series of photos of this conifer tree growing on a nurse stump. This is just one of them. Then if you look closely, there are signs of autumn colour in various places.
Some of the tree are tall, very tall. Then a group of kayakers started off from one of the small beaches on the way down to Admiralty Point.
I did manage to get a shot of a spider web caught in the sunlight. This shot is facing into the light! There's another shot of that ship you've seen before in the previous post on the trail.
There's a shot of a small beach and Cod Rock in the photo above and a view west-southwest looking down Burrard Inlet in the image below.
Admiralty Point and the land that includes it and Burns Point actually is Federal Crown land leased to the city of Vancouver. The end of the lease period is coming up soon.
Before continuing to Burns Point I did try to get a good photos of a Douglas' Squirrel. There was another shot taken but is was worse with a good shot of the bark of the tree but a squirrel out of focus! The little critter was busy playing hide and seek!
There are surprises here and there with some bright colour. That's Whiteshell Bank in the image below. Its along the north shore of Burrard Inlet.
Once I got to Burns Point I took a number of photos of the high voltage lines crossing Burrard Inlet, of the inlet itself, of the trig point at Burns Point and so on. There was a chirping-like sound heard from the power lines running overhead perhaps due to the water below? I hope you've enjoyed the photos. Feel free to comment! - V


Chad said...

That looks beautiful.. I think I might squeeze this hike in before summer's officially over. I heard there's a nice hike on the other side as well (Deep Cove)

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Chad, thanks! I do as much hiking as I can, when the weather permits, in order to stay fit. I've spent much of the year checking out some of the trails on the north side of Burrard Inlet to the northwest of Port Moody and still haven't seen them all. I check out the ones around Deep Cove in the spring now that I know a source for getting trail maps.

I have a couple of friend that would like to join me on these hikes. Since you hike too, you can always join me as well, if you're interested?

Meantime, I also took the time to check out your blog. Certainly some hot photos. I'll check it out some more on the weekend. Its expected to rain both Friday and Saturday! Take care!!! - V

Chad said...

Yes I would love to join you guys sometime.. the season for hiking is pretty much over as it's that time of year where rain seems to dominate more than sun. Next spring?

SpiritMountainGuy said...

There are some nice days in autumn too but do put springtime on your calendar. You can contact us through email. Those emails are found at the bottom of this webpage. We look forward to having you join us! Keep in touch!! - V