Friday, September 10, 2010

what a day

This morning the SkyTrain had its problems which caused severe delays in people being able to get where they had to go. That included myself. I usually leave earlier than I have to in order to take such delays without getting too late. And today (Friday)? Well, I was still late for work. I arrived about 9:30 am when the start time is 9 in the morning. By the time I was changed and ready to start it was 9:30.

The day only got better. When I returned home, I found an envelope taped to my apartment door. It appears the rent cheque bounced and additional funds are owning. Tomorrow I'm out to get a money order to rectify the matter. It seems I've been focused on taking care of other's needs but mine are important too. All this said, I'm looking forward to someone's arrival, someone very special to me. If it turned out different, it would be a heart break and we all know what that means! Here's hoping for a better tomorrow!!! - V

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