Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photos from Edilson Nascimento's first shoot - 2007

These are a few photos from Edilson's first photo shoot in 2007 and are some of the best I love from that series. Its no wonder he is considered so hot. As I mentioned in the previous post, the hits I'm receiving on this blog rather proves the point. Enjoy these pics which are most likely familiar to those that have been following the career of Edilson Nascimento!


MAC said...

No complaints here. EDILSON IS HOT!!! HAVE A YUMMY DAY!!!

Volker said...

No complaints from me either. He's hot as far as I'm concerned!

Kaio said...

Have a fantastic weekend.
Kisses from London.

Volker said...

Thanks, Kaio! You have the same. Have fun, learn and above all, enjoy life! Isn't that what its all about?