Friday, January 9, 2009

Hot dudes

Earlier in the week I took some time away from the unpacking and sorting I have to do, to do a little bit of surfing on the web. In the process I found these hot pics and especially love the one above of the guy sitting on a red chair with shirt open and pants down a bit to reveal some of his pubes. Having the colour red in the photos somewhere seems to make it for me plus having a hot model certain helps a lot. Showing skin is nice, even giving a hint of what else could be seen in the future, gives it all a certain hotness. Its not always necessary to show full frontal nudity to get this effect. You can see this in the examples here. Using props can add some interest to the shots too. What are your thoughts on this and perhaps you can expand on the main points I've made and that you bring up??? Meantime, enjoy these pics as we start another weekend!

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