Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! I slept in this morning until about 10 am and it felt good to have a full night's sleep as I normally get up about 5 am each workday morning. Obviously, today is a day off but I'm back to work tomorrow, Friday, getting up at the usual time.

We had some more snow over night, so this was the scene looking out of my bedroom window this morning (see pic above). I've read my emails and such. Now that I've done that, I'll take a shower and start my day. I guess it'll be lunch before I eat anything! Have a great day and an even greater year, 2009! More later.


dan said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR blogger buddy.
hope 2009 is an awesome one out there in the great northwest.......

Volker said...

Thanks, Dan! Hope its an awesome year for you as well. Right now its a very white "northwest" instead of the usual green!