Saturday, January 31, 2009


That hot Brazilian model, Edilson Nascimento, is one of my favourites. Here's another photo of him hoping that his smiling face greets you on an awesome weekend.

In other news, the stuff to be auctioned off has been picked up and sent to the auction house. Now the living room looks more like what it should and far less like a storage room. I'll be sorting through more stuff but this going out for donation (clothes, bedding, etc). Then the books and magazines are up next. That should give me months of activity in sorting all that. Of course, we should be well into spring by then and have summer near at that time.

Brad's arrival is delayed once again. He was unable to make the flight that early in the day and had to cancel. There are later flights but the cost is a little more but not much. I'm going to suggest those as an option. Meantime, he does want to come but I do hope he gets his butt in gear very soon. There are things to do and places to visit. There's a lot of fun, pleasant stuff ahead for both of us. Brad can benefit greatly from being a part of all that and more. The credits from the cancelled flight can be used to pay for a rebooking and topped up with additional funds if necessary.

After May I'm intitled to take vacation time with the new company since I'll have been with them a year by that time. A trip to southern California and Las Vegas is a strong possibility. I am still working on the details and will have to get a passport in order to enter the U.S. respecting the new entry requirements. More on all this later.

Meantime, have a great weekend guys!

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