Saturday, January 17, 2009


The sun did appear today (Saturday) but much of it was obscured by a ground fog/mist that hung in the valleys and depressions in the Greater Vancouver Area for much of the day. Above the mist you could see clear blue skies and when I took the train into Vancouver to complete some errands, that fog was less severe in around Metrotown because of the higher elevation than elsewhere. The scene above was taken this afternoon in the mist shrouded Fraser Cemetery in Sapperton, a part of New Westminster, British Columbia. During my walk to Sapperton SkyTrain station I noticed some lichen that was in bloom with the recent warmer temperatures we've been having (well, for us its warmer!). The tombstone in the centre of the photo, by the way, dates from 1886. I had hoped to get to the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park to feed the birds but it was nearing sunset and it gets dark early yet. We'll have to wait a few more months for longer daylight hours!

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