Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alpine flowers

From the late 1960s until I sold and moved in 2005 I was growing alpine flowers somewhere on the property. For a while it was in the backyard next to the vegetable garden and later they were back in the front yard for others to appreciate. Two of my favourite flowers were the Wide-leafed Bellflower (or Giant Bellflower), or Campanula latifolia in Latin. These spread easily and even grew in the cedar hedge row. I collected seed in mason jars when the seed were ripe. It was necessary to transplant the plants early. Once they were established they had these whitish taproots that made it impossible to have a successful transplant situation. The two images here are from the Wikipedia Commons. The lower one is by Kurt Stuber, 2004. That is also how they'd look in the hedge row!
The Edelweiss, or Leonyopodium alpinum in Latin, was taken by Friedrich Boehringer, 12 Sept 2010. I grew at least one or two of these plants at any one time. I even managed to grow one from seed. These also grew amongst the heathers I had in the front yard during the last years living in the house.
Now a species of moth called the Mouse Moth also frequented the yard. It is attracted by various plants, trees and flowers such as Campanulas, Cranesbills, Parsley, Oak, Popular and others. We had plenty of food sources for them and the bees, particularly the bumblebees! I also grew this tallish pink flower. I still have to locate the name of it and then upload the photos to post. I have plenty of photos of this flower, you'll see when they're posted! - V

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