Saturday, June 11, 2011

local traffic bottleneck

Late yesterday afternoon (Friday) I observed the traffic on McBride Blvd locally as I have done many times before. Who designs a highway system that leads northward through Surrey to a bottleneck in New Westminster that leads no where in particular. If this highway connected with Hwy 1 (the Trans Canada Highway), this would make some sense but it doesn't. It connects with local two-lane arterial roads that create this traffic jam. When will the local municipal mayors, Translink and residents get on the same song sheet and design a highway system that actually works? People don't want to spend their free time idling in traffic when they could be with their families, at a favourite restaurant or seeing on of the many parks in the area. Why don't all the local municipal politicians, Translink and the public all get on the same song sheet and design at system that works for everyone, not just for special interests? This would be a novel idea, don't you think? - V

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