Sunday, June 19, 2011


Do you know how to get your partner excited or is it always the same old stuff and things getting dull? Try something new and interesting, and take your time about it! Why the rush? Have some fun! Isn't that part of life, having some fun on our journey through it? The journey's as exciting as the destination! - V


Mind Of Mine said...

Is this really an issue for you as the dynamic of your relationship, with no physical contact means the chances of the sex getting dull or boring is not possible.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

I've had physical intimacy in past relationships and they wouldn't be classed as dull, nor will our's once we are physically in the same place, either here or on the east coast.

But I have known people who go through the motions of life and complain. There's a lot more to life than keeping a roof over one's head and food on the table. People have emotional needs that need to be met, including intimacy.

What's the point of bringing children into the world without preparing them for life as whole beings? It can become a mess at some point otherwise! - V