Sunday, June 26, 2011

alpine garden

I have just scanned some colour slides taken with a 35mm film camera I had back in the 1980s. Back in London, Ontario during the late 1980s I had an alpine garden in the front yard which I had moved from the backyard where it had been next to the vegetable garden. For the moment I cannot remember the name of the plant with the pink flowers but I believe the Latin name starts with an "L." I'll do some research to determine the correct name. I would trim them back after flowering. Sometimes I would be rewarded with more flowers!

The plants in front and low to the ground bore white flowers (need to research this name as well). I trimmed those flowers back after they had flowered as well.
Another view of the garden (triangular shaped) with two spruce trees in the background, a Hoopsi Blue Spruce on the left and a silver-green needled spruce to the right at our home in southwest London, Ontario. I planted the blue spruce along with the help of my younger brother Norbert. We stuck in an old broom handle and tied the young tree to that but we never thought the thing would grow straight. Eventually it did and the tree even served as a nesting place for Tree Sparrows and a pair of Cardinals!
Another view with the front porch with its bay window in the background.
I also grew other plants such as this Edelweiss plant (Leontopodium alpinum). Even when I replanted this bed with heathers in the late 1990s I still had a couple of Edelweiss plants mixed in with the new plants.
I also had some Sedums (Hens and Chickens) along the edge of the flower bed to keep things interesting. That's all in the past since the home was sold in 2005 six years after my mother had passed on. She was the last of my parents to pass on! Like everything in life there is a beginning and an end. Its accepted! - V

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