Sunday, June 5, 2011

nick II

Well, I thought I'd tease you guys some more with another photo of Nick M from All American Guys! And no, I don't think its Nick Manzoni though the resemblance is uncanny. There's a bit of an age difference. You'll just have to find out from the folks at AAG!

Either way, he does resemble my own bf (Brad) in some way, like the dark hair and the awesome abs and general good looks! Speaking of Brad, I was kept up early in the night thinking of him and then again this morning. What a way to start and end a night's sleep! I think of him often and perhaps I was on his mind too....

After I get my laundry done I'll be out for another walk up to nearby Queens Park. Its sunny and warm (finally), of course, some places in North America are getting too much heat it would appear from the weather reports. We shouldn't complain too much. For most of us, summer is far too short anyway!

Have an awesome day, guys!!!! - V

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