Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kennedy Space Center circa 1980s

My trip to south Florida that decade took me from Tampa where my plane landed to St.Petersburg, then to Fort Myers and Miami, then Key West before heading up to Titusville to visit the cape and the Kennedy Space Center. I took in gardens and such before I ended up seeing the rockets. I purposely chose to go before the March break started to avoid the crowds. There was an interesting spread as far as temperatures were concerned while in Titusville from frosty nights (you could actually see the frost on the ground) to very warm, summer-like temperature by late morning. For those of you that are interested in seeing more photos I took while at the Kennedy Space Center in the 1980s, here is a good selection. The top photo shows an assortment of rockets. That looks like the Mercury capsule on an Atlas rocket in the background!
Anyone remember the Gemini program which used the Titan rocket?
All kinds of tourists came from all over to see the center. There was even a building that had a snack bar at the end. Unbeknownst to the customers seagulls were lined up along the roof edge ready to swoop on unsuspecting people. One guy lost his entire tray of hotdogs! I wondered what people found so curious and it didn't take me long to find out!!! Some entertainment of sorts, I guess!
So seeing these rockets up close gave me a chance to appreciate how big they actually were. With people in the photos you get a good perspective and a way to judge the size!
The last couple of photos show some of the launch facilities. I wasn't sure if the last one would turn out okay but it did! Enjoy the photos and feel free to comment or ask questions! - V

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