Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scott Herman

While we're still on the subject of summer and awesome physiques, here are a few favourite photos of Scott Herman who makes another excellent model and catalyst for improving ourselves, physically anyway. Some of us need lots of help getting into shape and yet others just do what comes natural without too much effort. When I did have a house back east, working in the garden for hours and going on long walks were preferable to doing other forms of exercise. Digging holes for trees, shrubs and rose bushes in the spring plus trimming trees and shrubs through the summer (or felling trees) is not exactly light work though trimming the lawn was a breeze by comparison. Long bike rides were also popular when I still had a bike though I still remember how to ride one. That you don't seem to forget. Well, enjoy Scott's pics and hope you have a great Sunday for those that still have some weekend left, and for those that don't, have a great week! - Volker

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