Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sunday afternoon took me over to Maillardville in Coquitlam for a visit to the nearby Ikea store. Pictured above is a close-up of the clock tower and then the whole tower in the photo below. Weatherwise, it was very hot and humid and has been that way all weekend. A good thing that the sun was not out in full strength otherwise it would have been like a steam cooker. There's not much to Maillardville Village other than the clock tower and some stores in the main corner in the French style but then I didn't venture to other parts of the village.

The main corner is at Lougheed and Brunette Avenue. The name "Brunette" may bring certain things to mind for some. Then below, who can resist a beautiful rose in flower!

The IKEA store is only a city block away from the main corners. That was the destination of the afternoon trip in the heat but then the store was air-conditioned which was a plus. I bought another chair for 20 dollars plus a lamp and a few items for the kitchen. Perhaps Brad can assist me in future trips to the store. After all, he does love shopping from what he has told me. Meantime, he's not here yet but I'm patiently waiting for his arrival. He, along with his brother, must be having plenty of fun where they are at right now. I guess no news is good news, except if you're the worrying kind like I am. Then a short note or a call does wonders for calming the nerves, so at the moment I have no idea where they are other than somewhere between Montreal and the BC lower mainland. What else can I say?!?! Hope you all had a great weekend as we prepare for another work week. Take care! - Volker

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