Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog visits

I've been following the hits from those visiting the blog since I installed Feedjit. North America, particularly the United States, and western Europe where France makes a strong showing, are where most of the hits are coming from. Once Brad joins me here on the west coast (he has still not arrived but is on his way) we should be picking up the pace quite a bit with new and exciting posts. We plan to continue to present our own interaction with each other and our interaction with others as well. Photos of both of us are a given and so are detailed photos of Brad and his muscular development. Is there anything that you would like to see in these future posts, say a post on what exercises Brad does to maintain his muscles as an example? Or something else? To tell you the truth, those posts I've presented of the eye candy and such have only made me more excited to see my partner, to see him up close and personal. I could hug him right now in a tight embrace if he knocked at the door! With him here we could get to doing what we've both been wanting to do for months: an online business! Well, I'll let you all know when he finally arrives. Meantime, tomorrow is the day of Vancouver's pride parade starting at 12 noon with festivities starting at the same time. I'll join in those after the parade. Expect a number of photos from the parade and the festivities.

Have a great weekend (our's is a holiday weekend with BC Day)! Our weather has improved too, so it looks good for tomorrow. More later. - Volker

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