Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer? What happened to summer!

One would hardly call the weather here a "California Summer"; it can bearly be called summer eventhough the calendar would indicate that it should. Here in the British Columbia lower mainland warm (translate: hot) summer weather has eluded us lately. It was raining overnight and today it was a mix of sun and cloud all day. Coolish in the morning followed by warmer temperatures in the afternoon. When the sun was out later, it was too bright (definately need sunglasses, or shades as they are called) but definately more summer-like. Its really a toss up for the weekend weather-wise. Its as likely to rain as not but we will see. The weather here has been rather odd in general, even in the spring. I hope the weather is better where you are. Brad, who is still in Montreal, is likely experiencing far better weather than we are here on the west coast. I am hoping that once he does arrive that our weather and temperatures in general will be much better. September can be very lovely here and I plan to show him the best sights taking full advantage when the weather is co-operating.

By the way, the model in the photo above is James Gabbert. Google to find out more about him. There are a few photos out that might interest you. Have a look!

Well, since its another work day in the morning, I must call it a night. Take care and keep visiting!!! - V.

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