Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday's Vancouver 2008 Pride Parade

Vancouver's Pride parade took place on Sunday during the civic holiday weekend (Monday was BC Day). The parade started at 12 noon but I was running late and didn't get into place to take photos until nearing 1 pm. As I learned, the parade turned out to be 3 hours long, so I neadn't have worried. A friend of mine that was watching the event at another location said it was the longest he had ever seen. The parade started on Robson Street at Thurlow and continued west to Denman Street and then on from there eastward. The weather was excellent for such an event. Hot male participants and others were to be seen everywhere. I took a number of photos and these are likely the best ones. There were more celebrations on the water after the parade, so I'll add photos of the flag-adorned sailboat and the "Abitibi" where the festivities continued on the water tomorrow.

The crowds at the bottom of Burnaby Street. An estimate put the crowd at 530,000 with 164 floats in the parade. Certainly an event to note!

Bright colours were in evidence everywhere as can be seen in the rainbow flags above, a symbol of the LBGT struggle for acceptance and equality! Hope you had a great pride where ever you decided to celebrate it! And enjoy the photos!!! - Volker


Anonymous said...

great pictures!!

haliaeetusguys said...

Thanks! I took a number of photos but these are likely the best ones, in my opinion anyway. Expect to see more interesting pics over time! - Volker