Friday, July 4, 2008

Early Sat. AM

Today was a productive , yet long day.

My life is packed into boxes & my travel agent is hired on!

Iam West-bound Late Sunday/early Monday to checkout the new place with Volker.

Volker and I had a bussiness arrangement planned for tonight, but he must have fun into some issues!
The plan was to leave late today/early Sunday, but I will have to wait for our bussiness arrangement and personal plans to be finalized!

Eitherway, my agent rocked my shoes nearly off today with a booklet of huge savings that will make my crosscountry trip wickedly fun!

Iam almost too excited for my own good, as is V!

So, I will be touching up last minute details & getting last minute directions from Volker late tonight or early tmrw AM, then it's cross country for me! Tons of pictures to follow.

Daily prediction ;

Sunny skies & an early banking morning.. again!

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