Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!

Well, those on the east coast will be well into Canada Day by now but it is just past 10:30 am Pacific Time here on the west coast. The weather is sunny and warm with a thick mist on the horizon which you can see for miles in any direction. Above though, the sky is blue.

This morning I had to walk to the SkyTrain Station rather than take a bus. Everything was running on a Sunday schedule, so buses were starting later. The first SkyTrain was leaving King George Station at 7:08 am. I was at Columbia Station to catch it for 7:17 am and at work by 7:45 am. Its quiet here at work but there are some people working. I've been up and down the tower several times returning to the concierge desk to assist people that paged me but after an hour or so I finally got a complete tower patrol done. I'll be off again shortly to patrol once again.

So while I am working this Canada Day and making premium time (time + time & a half), have a great Canada Day celebration however you choose to celebrate it. And for those south of the border, have a great 4th of July celebration which comes up on Friday. So whether in Canada or the United States, have a good one!

Before I close, I am looking forward to Brad's arrival this month. He plans to be here in time for the pride parade which takes place on Sunday, August 3rd, but then who doesn't love a parade! - Volker

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