Sunday, July 13, 2008


This past week has been rather routine with nothing of great interest happening. Wednesday I made the mistake of having crumpets for breakfast before heading into work. What an error that was. I paid the price later in the afternoon with frequent trips to the washroom. Since I'm lactose intollerant or don't have enough enzymes to metabolize milk sugars, anything that has any milk in it will give me grief. The last time that happened was a couple of weeks ago after consuming a small piece of chocolate! I certainly didn't have that problem when I was younger but it is an issue now that I am well into adulthood. I am learning but I do have the occasional weakness for chocolate and such. Some old habits are hard to break!

Other than that, the work week was routine, so when the weekend came, I was so happy to do something that had nothing at all to do with work. After a glass-topped computer desk was delivered Saturday morning and some laundry was out of the way, I walked over to Braid SkyTrain station to catch a train to Brentwood station on my way to Burnaby Mountain. I walked up Willingdon to Hastings Street to catch the 135 bus to Simon Fraser University which is located on top of the mountain. From the campus it is a short walk to the western end of the mountain where the Horizon Restaurant is located. Great views of the lower mainland from there! On my way back to the bus stop I was eating salmonberries and huckleberries, both in season now. Both are a bit on the tart side, just the way I like them!

I arrived home exhausted and ready for bed but was back at it again on Sunday when I went into Vancouver for a walk along the seawall from one end to the other starting at the entrance off West Georgia Street. I ended up at the main beach at English Bay and was ready to return home afterwards for a short rest and then some supper. Now I am ready for bed once again to get ready for another work week. Hope you had a great weekend where you are and that your week to follow will be filled full of interesting things to keep you from getting too bored! Meantime, I am looking forward to Brad's arrival here in the west! Have a great week! - Volker

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