Saturday, July 26, 2008

The game

This week I learned that I had won a company wide raffle for tickets to last night's BC Lions game at BC Place. Well it was all worth it. I invited a friend of mine from the West End in Vancouver to come along. He had not been to a football game in perhaps ten years or so and it was my first live game. I had seen a number of them on tv over the years but not in a live venue. My last live game was in high school and that one doesn't even compare to last night's game. The BC Lions played the Montreal Alouettes. The Lions weren't doing well in the first half of the game but improved quite nicely to win 36-34 at the end of the game. It was loud and the fans were lively! It was certainly worth going.

The most unusual thing that happened this week at work was when two middled-aged mennonite couples, Amish all of them, walked into the lobby of the building I work at to ask for directions to the SkyTrain. Even more interesting was that they were from St. Jacobs just north of Waterloo, Ontario. Of course, I lived in Ontario until February 2006 and have been to Waterloo, where a cousin lives, many times, including St. Jacobs. So what are the odds of seeing Amish in Vancouver a long way from southwestern Ontario rather than say Hutterites from the Prairies? Come to think of it, I've never seen them though I've read about them but seen plenty of Amish in the London and Waterloo areas back east.

Well, today being Saturday I'm off to do some shopping to stock up on groceries and perhaps pay another visit to the local Ikea store in Coquitlam. Then there is plenty to do at the computer such as downloading a new program and then photos from my camera. Perhaps I'll go some where on Sunday depending upon the weather. The sky is overcast this morning with occasional sunshine. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Have a great weekend regardless what your plans! - Volker

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