Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow - lots of snow

Mac over at YOTD had a couple of comments concerning snow. Well, here are a few photos of a series I shot in November of 2006 (north Surrey) after a snowstorm. Since people are not used to such snowfalls in the lower mainland, some had a bit of a challenge to get through the week or so until the snow melted. That year I used the first photo in an email Christmas card and a blogger friend of mine in San Francisco, Jared at Completely Naked, asked me if he could post it in his blog. Its nice to see fresh, undisturbed snow! What makes these photos so surreal is the sun just starting to shine through a break in the cloud cover to the south. Since the sun is low on the horizon, it adds a certain something to the scene. Enjoy!


MAC said...

Stunning shots! I'll definitely send these to my mother-in-law too. HAVE A YUMMY NIGHT!!!

Volker said...

Thanks, Mac! There are more out of this series of photos. Perhaps I'll post some of the others later. Meantime, it was cooler here today and some snow is in the forecast for Friday but I'm used to that after living in southwestern Ontario with about 4 months of if, more in a harder winter!