Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas tree

Now that we are into December, Christmas is that much closer. Years ago (before some of my friends were born), before we came over to Canada from Germany, my parents bought a Christmas tree and dressed it up with ornaments and candles. The candles were lit only when we were in the room otherwise they were snuffed out. There are photos in the family photo album showing the trees, or one of them. Later when we came to Canada, we were using lights and there are photos of that too. The photo (a Danish Christmas tree) above is just for illustration of what it might have looked like. Once I have access to the album(s) and can download the pics on to a scanner to put on to the computer, I hope to post some of them (B&W). For those that do not celebrate Christmas, and there are many, enjoy the season in what ever way you choose to celebrate it. The gathering of friends and family is alone worth the effort! - Volker


MAC said...

We decorated our tree on Sunday. Stay tuned, I'll post some pics of it later in the week. HAVE A YUMMY WEEK!!!

haliaeetusguys said...

I'll look forward to seeing your pics. Meantime, have a great week yourselves!!! - Volker