Thursday, December 11, 2008


The movers will be here a week from Saturday to bring everything that is currently in storage to my place in New Westminster. After that, the Christmas week will be busy as I sort through everything to decided what is to be kept and what goes to auction. So far, there is an organ which I haven't played since before I moved to British Columbia, a curio cabinet, china and crystal, misc. kitchen items, baskets, a sewing machine, tools, kitchen table and chairs, etc. The current apartment hasn't the room and much of it is just sitting there in a closet anyway. My stamp collection is going to be sold but to one dealing with stamps, not the auctioneer. I hope to reduce what I have by half. There is too much stuff and some items are in duplicate. I sent off an email to the auctioneer with particulars this evening. Then I will call to confirm and hope to auction these items during the first full week of January. The proceeds from the sale will go toward paying off the credit card I used to pay the moving and storage fees.

There will still be enough left over. I'll be keeping the dining cabinet, table and chairs, bedroom suite, a small step ladder, videos, DVDs, cassette tapes, personal papers, etc. This also include some needlepoint pictures and framed prints, maps and so on. If I move again, I may sell off some of the furniture just to lighten the load and therefore the cost of any move. If I had to do the move from Ontario all over again, I would have sold off more on that end to save a lot in the way of moving expenses and just stuck to the important things such as mementos, personal papers, pictures, photos, etc. but we learn. I guess that's why we are told that hindsight is 20/20.

Shortly after I arrived here on the west coast, I got ill and it took over a year to find the source. With hindsight, I should have gone to the naturopath months sooner. This action would have saved me some of the funds that were left over from the sale of the home in Ontario and saved me from going into debt, just another things learned. I don't regret moving here but I would have done a few things differently, if you know what I mean. This would have kept some of the money destined for a new property but as it is, I'll have to start from scratch once the debts are paid off.

And the way things were working out for Brad as he tried to make his way across Canada complete with delays of all sorts could have been done differently too. Brad's original plan was to fly across the country and then have his car shipped afterward. The original plan would have worked out far better. I think both of us can see that. That's another learning experience. I guess all the delays contributed to a disillusionment and caused him to turn around and head back home to Nova Scotia. Besides, the winter snows were coming in the west, and in the mountains for certain, so I don't think Brad would have wanted to drive his car in that stuff. Driving alone (I'm almost certain that he would have rather had someone with him) perhaps being homesick for family and friends could have played a part too. Not to worry, I've been there and done that also, including being homesick. Then too, I didn't move out on my own until I was 27, so regardless of his feelings, I've experienced them too and there are many others that can relate. Do you think I could talk Brad into trying this again except fly this time to stay here for a while to see whether he likes living and working with me before moving here? We might even find we get along but would rather live in the east, in which case, he can forgo the effort of moving his belingings here. For me, I can make a home just about anywhere, so moving if the circumstances warrant it is not an issue. All my immediate family members have passed on anyway, so I'm not tied down to a particular place. Just a thought!

So here we are closing another year and soon to start a new one! Christmas will likely be spent alone since my cousins out here are far too busy with their lives I guess to make an effort to have us all together but there are a number of items on my to do list for 2009. First off will be setting up a new website and online business. I don't care to remain working as a concierge (security) forever. This will mean purchasing a domain name and finding some decent web page designs plus registering a company for which I coming up with a company name is in the works too. I plan to move into selling photos in a variety of ways, from selling prints, posters, greeting cards and may branch out into videos on DVD, etc. This also means getting the studio lights I had discussed some months ago. I've asked Brad for some input as I'd like him onboard, even if he's working from back east. And he has such a business sense as well! Then we could split the profits. All these are plans for the near future.

I know we aren't there yet but have you any idea of what sort of New Year's resolutions you'll be making? Perhaps you'll come up with some ideas here! Meantime, we are expecting some snow Friday with the cooler weather. It was cool today but sunny. At least the rain has stopped with the onset of wintry weather. Have a great weekend when you get there!

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