Saturday, December 6, 2008

Juan Diego Covarrubias - actor

On a lighter note, this is Juan Diego Covarrubias Aceves born on March 24th, 1987 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Juan plays the character of Alex in the webseries from Televisa, "Colinas." These are some of my favourite pics. Don't you love those green eyes? I love the candid shot of him sticking out his tongue and the hair style just suits him!

You can see more of him by visiting Cisoto. The link is in the sidebar where you can see not only Juan but other latin hotties. There is something for everyone. - Volker


bribri said...

What a cutie! Thanks for posting him and pointing me in the right direction. :)

Volker said...

He is that, a cutie, but aside from the outward beauty, what attracts me the most is a kind heart and a gentle soul. This, and intelligence, is what I find most attractive in another person, male or female. I am trying to find the right words to explain this but I think you know what I mean!