Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stuff moved in today

Today was the big day! The movers arrived with a truck loaded with my stuff. It was all unloaded in a few hours. They arrived near 11 am and were done before 2 pm but I was busy checking off things as they were brought into the apartment. Now the work of sorting what remains and what goes to the auctioneer starts. That should keep me busy for the next couple of weeks or so, unless I end up having some help, in which case, it'll all move faster. The auctioneer returns from vacation on January 7th, so I hope to have much of this sorting completed by that time.
The bedroom is somewhat organized but when you come out to the entrance to the apartment, you can see the work that is ahead of me. The photo below is of the curio cabinet which is going to the auction but you'll also see me as a mirror image in the glass of the cabinet.

The living room may as well be considered a storage room for the moment until all this sorting is behind me but the kitchen in the image below is likely the most organized at this point. You can see the dining room cabinet on the left. I found one of the legs loose, so I'll have to re-glue that first before loading up the cabinet with china, platters, cutlery and such. Its a good thing I noticed the problem first. This piece of furniture was originally made by my father back in 1958 and its starting to show its age after years of use (and several moves).

The kitchen has a basket where I keep tubers and fruit. There are plenty of potatoes plus some ginger. The fruit needs to be replaced with fresh fruit which I buy weekly, some more frequently than that. Then in the dining room I have a GT (Gay Times) calendar hanging on the wall. The calendar is open to the December page which is shown in the photo below. Ah, I could use the help but I'll have to be content with them looking on. More later!


MAC said...

It's been about 5 years since I've had to go through the moving process. I actually enjoy the organizational piece of a move. GOOD LUCK!!!

BriBri said...

I don't know how much work you'd get done if they were helping, but it is a nice thought! Looks like a lot of work. Hopefully you can find a friend to help you, or at least keep you company. I'd volunteer, but I'm a little far away for yas. I know how much work it is - I just sold two houses and moved into one. I /still/ have some stuff I have to go and get today, and they're saying a lot of snow for today... *sigh* 30 cm?

Volker said...

Last night I took my first stab at getting things started, set up a clock, and then found I had no batteries for it. Well, after I get some laundry done, I'm off to the grocery store using a gift card I received as a Christmas present from work. Everyne has to buy food and other basic necessities, so its a practical gift at any time.

We are expecting a bit more snow as the temperatures climb to near freezing. There was a warning of up to 20 cm yesterday and then up to another 10 cm today. I had a close look at the mountains on Friday and there is snow everywhere. The skiers should be real happy!

Volker said...

Thanks, Mac! I've moved quite a few times in my life and this will likely not be the last but the work involved has got to be done, so here goes!!!