Tuesday, December 9, 2008


At work this after I received the first Christmas gift of the season, a gumball dispenser, given to me by one of the commercial artists that do artwork for the client's marketing department. My supervisor (and co-worker) got one as well. When I got home, I took a series of photos as I was unwrapping the gift. The artwork is as awesome as the thought behind the Christmas present. What do you think???

Gumballs aside, after doing some grocery shopping on the way home, I noticed that the prices for gasoline at the pumps have come down to below 80 cents per litre. The price at a local station was at 79.9 cents per litre. This has been after a summer with prices nearing 150 cents per litre. The price of crude oil has come down and this is reflected in the price at the pumps. Meantime, our Canadian dollars has dropped in relation to the American currency but I can't tell you how much until I check the statistics. This drop in the value of our currency is something I can't understand (the logic anyway) since its the American economy that's in worse shape. However, what is happening in Ottawa politically may also be a contributing factor.

I'll be returning the parking pass along with the remote for the underground parking in the morning. I received a document to sign via email and will drop everything in my property manager's mail slot in the morning as I head off to work. This move will save me 40 dollars a month. I can always arrange another spot should Brad decide to come but there is no need to waste money since I haven't got a vehicle at the moment. Prudent use of funds is important.

We're back to rain after a bit of a reprieve on Sunday but this type of weather is normal during the colder months of the year, so we get used to it. If you've been getting snow, I guess this will pick up the mood as Christmas approaches, well for those of us that are going into winter. Those in the southern hemisphere have it the other way as they go into summer. For them its time for donning swimsuits and heading off to the beaches. Both seasons have their merits. Either way, enjoy them! So how have you started off the season???

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