Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's snowing!!!

Today has been a slow day though the week has been far from that. I slept in until nearing 10 am but then I'm up by 5 am on work days, so weekends are good times to catch up with some sleep since six hours a night is about all I get during the week. After having a shower and getting cleaned up, I made breakfast followed by some work behine the computer where I'm trying to find some photos taken of the Lions Gate Bridge last summer (2007). I must have them on a disk since I can't find them on the laptop's drive nor on the external hard drive. If I can't find them, I'll have to take some new photos (they are on the old hard drive but its debatible if I can retrieve any files off of that one, for now anyway).

By late afternoon, I was busy in the kitchen cooking up some soup from scratch: diced onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, cubed beef, green peas plus seasoning like ground pepper, sea salt, italian seasoning and oregano, along with freshly boiling water. Then the soup was allowed to slow-cook on low heat and then after an hour or so, supper was ready. I'll have the rest Sunday at suppertime. Its good on a cold day and warms up the insides! The pepper mill is broken but there are others coming out of storage, so I won't bother to replace it.

Weatherwise, it was snowing, then raining and then snowing again all day Friday. Today was cool (just above freezing) with the sun appearing during mid-day but that changed this evening when the snow arrived again. This time the snow was accummulating some. The winds are currently out of the east with large flakes (wet snow) falling. The temperature is expected to drop to about -4 tonight. I walked over to the grocery store at the mall across the street to get some groceries but on my return to the apartment complex, someone from a second floor balcony asked me about the weather now that I've been across and back. I told him it wasn't too bad. I put up with a lot worse in Ontario (those in the lower mainland of British Columbia are really spoilt in that sense, weatherwise). The thought of driving in a white out with the snow coming down so hard that seeing beyond the windshield was impossible and then having to feel my way off a highway to less harsh weather conditions came to mind when I said that. Most of Canada gets to experience winter conditions but here they are blessed with mild winter conditions if there is any snow at all. I am sure those of you that live where there are real winter conditions can come up with some real stories to pique our interest.

In other news, I am on to coming up with a name for a holding company and also for a new website for my photographic work. This was going to be the case with Brad here but once I've got all that decided, I'll go forward to purchase a domain name for the website and work on acquiring some nice web designs for the new site. I'll look at purchasing some new camera equipment, along with studio lights, starting in January. If Brad had been hear by now, this would have been well underway by now but perhaps there is a method in all this madness. I have been taking land and seascape plus wildlife photography up to this point but I plan to branch out into taking photos of some hot guys, so soon after the equipment is bought, I will be looking for models. Brad was to be the first one as well as a partner in this effort. Once the website is established, I plan to post the link on this blog. There will be more news as we get closer and into the new year.

The movers will be here on the 20th, a Saturday. I am looking forward to getting the apartment properly furnished. Its been rather baren up to now and after that day, the apartment should be in better form to receive guests. That's the plan! When I set up plans and details that go with them, I am focused in getting them completed. Carry through on what's been started is my motto.

Things are set up for the auctioneer. The sorted items are to be picked up after January 7th when the auctioneer returns from vacation. More on this and other matters later!

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