Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas on the home front

So, I am getting ready for Christmas slowly. In the photo above you can see my small tree not yet decorated, along with gifts I have received so far (kitchen). Once my belongings come out of storage, the plant goes on the dining table as a centre, the tree gets decorated and the place becomes organized over a couple of weeks. The auctioneer is back from vacation as of January 7th, so the items to be auctioned should be ready for pick-up shortly after that date. Right now though, the place is rather baren but for a short time. Take it easy and enjoy the season!


BriBri said...

Who's the cutie in the magnet on the side or the fridge? :P

Volker said...

It sure didn't take you long to notice! Well, I bought this magnet, along with others, before I moved out here and likely by mail from Florida as I remember. I can't tell you the name of the model. If I do find out, I'll let everyone know!