Sunday, December 28, 2008

An update

Some of you may have been wondering why Brad's not here with me at the moment or where he's at right now. Well, we've been in regular communication for the past few weeks via email mostly but also msn. To set your minds at ease, there's a logical reason why things have turned out this way.

First off, his grandfather passed away, and those of us that have had to go through the greaving process know mourning take its time and is different with each person. Just check out my "Emotions" post from earlier this month and you will see, its not easy. For someone that's had to deal with the death of someone real close for the first time, it cannot be easy at all. Under those circumstances, our thinking is not clear, logical and may lack reason but everything in its time will lead to closure.

So, here we are with Brad ready to move forward but other family members have not gotten through to closure. I mentioned to him last night, you cannot control the emotions/actions of others but you can control your own. At his request, I am helping him get here by air, so that we can get on with what we had planned personally and in business. Its the best action for all concerned. Brad will have to post his own thoughts on all of this to give his own account but this is the gist of it. For the moment he's still in Nova Scotia going between his home town and Halifax but things are looking brighter for both of us!

My concern for his health and well-being was logical, and now knowing the reason, all is well. Brad is safe and very much alive. More good news to come!

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