Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cell phone

Well, the cell phone I got for Brad on my cell phone plan is charging, so I can take it in to work Monday and call the cell phone provider to activate the phone before leaving work. Then it will be ready for when Brad arrives. The phone has a built-in camera, the ability to play downloaded music, a Bluetooth device to talk on the phone hands-free plus a number of other features. Its far better than my own but then what do I need a built-in camera for?!?! The phone is internet ready as well with the option of sending the images taken directly via email. I know its been a challenge to set-up seeing as I'm farsighted and am having difficulty focusing on the fine print in the instructions. Brad should love the phone, of that I am certain plus we'll easily be able to keep in touch where ever either of us happen to be to discuss business or just to chat!
So what is the next piece of equipment, probably a Flip camera and/or the new webcam I mentioned about some time ago. Have a great week!!!

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