Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday update

This afternoon I took the time to take a shot of the view outside my dining room window. There are quite a few condos in this area. That is Queens Park in the background. On foggy and rainy days the cloud cover is so low that it is obscuring the top half of the tall trees. That is part of the golden arches of a McDonalds Restaurant you see at the lower left-hand corner of the photo. I haven't been there, nor do I see many fast food places of any kind, or much in the way of restaurants as well. I eat at home or take food with me to work and rarely venture into a restaurant, except perhaps a Starbucks! Going into a restaurant alone is not my thing, though going to such establishments with a friend is a worthwhile endeavour. Anyway, the snow last night was just a dusting, if you know what I mean. By the way, those are the baren branches of a Japanese maple in the foreground.

My photos of the Lions Gate Bridge are no where to be found, except on the old hard drive for certain. That will be the only place I can retrieve them short of going there again on a good day to take more photos. There goes a day's worth of photos and all the work it took to capture the images. Oh well! Now I am trying to look for a series of photos I took along the south shore of English Bay this summer. I know I downloaded them and put them in folders but can't seem to remember what I named the folder and so where I put these images. You try sorting through 5,000 digital pics and you'll know what I mean about the frustration.

I got my load of laundry washed (whites) but the realized I didn't have enough in the way of funds on the smartcard to complete the drying, so I'm air drying everything in the apartment. This means there is laundry about where ever you look. I'll try recharging the card on Monday. There is still some more to do (colours). I thought I had more than 4 dollars on the card but I guess I must have been mistaken.

Hopefully, you had a good day! Have a good work week where ever you are!

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