Saturday, December 27, 2008

Changing temperatures

This was the scene in New Westminster's Queens Park last Sunday and most of the week until temperatures changed overnight. It was snowing yesterday but that changed during the night. When I looked outside my window this afternoon, I could see water dripping from a Japanese maple outside my bedroom. A robin was perched on one of its branches. I managed to get a shot but the robin had disappeared by the time I showed up at the window again with my camera in hand. I'll keep you posted.

Friday evening I was turning off the Grundig radio I keep in the kitchen and turned off the power switch on the electrical cord when the switch sparked and a flash came out and blackened my finger. I guess I was lucky enough not to get a shock! I immediately unplugged the radio. This morning I checked to see if the radio was working but found nothing. The switch is gone at the very least and perhaps the entire cord will have to be replaced to get the radio working. There's a lot of history in that radio. I used to listen to shortwave radio back in the early 1970s with my brother and often spent hours on my own listening to radio stations around the world, such as from Radio Netherlands from Hilversum, or Voice of America from Washington, DC/USA, Radio Moscow, Radio Japan, Radio Australia from Melbourne, New South Wales, or Radio KUSW from Colorado/USA and so on. The furthest away station was one from a transmitter north of Perth, Western Territory/Australia where I caught a variety show early in the morning after returning home from work. The sound was so clear, as if it was from a station in the city where I lived. I continued to listen to the radio for years after my younger brother passed on. Like I said, lots of memories! Let's see if I can get this thing working again!!!

Meantime, I have been busy today sorting stuff and separating that which is to go to the auctioneer apart from that which I am to keep. Its a chore. More coming, including photos!

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