Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soaring over Sapperton

This afternoon at about 2 pm I left home to visit the Lougheed Mall in nearby Coquitlam. Rather than taking the usual bus at the main corner near home I decided to walk to Sapperton station and its a good thing I did. About half way there and just a few blocks away from the Fraser Cemetery I saw a pair of bald eagles soaring above Sapperton (New Westminster). The count for bald eagles seen this year is around 17 and the most I've seen at one time has been five soaring above Burnaby Mountain during our last winter. I did manage to get a few nice photos but this sort of thing reminds me why I should buy a larger telephoto lense. The one I have is up to 200mm but a 500mm would be much better and get some awesome shots. Well, when the funds are available, perhaps this will become a reality but for the time being, what I have will have to do.

I also had a look at the continuing change of autumn colours as the weeks go by and we close in on winter. The red fruit on the hawthorne tree should keep the birds happy during the winter months (see photo above) and below is a scene of a street corner in Sapperton. Note the changing colours.

The last photo shows the scene looking east-northeast from the Fraser Cemetery, also in Sapperton. Note the dull, overcast sky with some low-hanging clouds off in the distance. There was some sun today, so it was generally pleasant weather for a walk. I did take the SkyTrain to Lougheed Mall but as large as it is (and this was my first time to this one), once you've seen one mall, you've seen them all. After my short visit, I returned home for an early supper and then work at the computer. Hope you all had a great weekend! Have a great work week!!! - Volker

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