Friday, October 24, 2008


On a theme of physical fitness, it is important to keep active so we can enjoy what we do in life that much more and as important as pecs and abs are, so too is focusing on our other muscles such as the glutes and various arm, shoulder and leg muscles to keep a balanced look, in my opinion anyway.
I admire a great looking butt as much as awesome abs and pecs. Other well-developed, toned muscles are a great turn on as well. Just look at the photo below as an example. Everything works together to bring symetry to a hot physique. What do you thinks?
With that said, we are at the end of another work week and the start of a yet another weekend. Have a good one and do what you enjoy best! Walk the seawall, hike through parks, bike the trails for miles or climb a mountain! Do what excites you and keeps you fit! - Volker

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