Monday, October 27, 2008


The cost of buying gasoline in Canada has gone down since the summer when the price was hovering around 150 cents per litre. Just over a week ago I saw prices between 115.9 and 120.9 cents per litre locally (New Westminster, BC) and today I found the price had dropped even further to less than 110 cents per litre. The old Imperial gallon used in Canada before the metric system of measurement was introduced had a gallon equalling 4.54609 litres. If you do the math, the current prices are still around $4.50 per gallon (old Canadian units of measurements equivalent to the Imperial system of measurment). The price sounds insane if you look at it in imperial units, doesn't it? Since Brad is driving across the country, the summer prices of gas must have been murder on the pocket book. Now with the prices lower, its a bit easier.

Now if we could buy cars that were real easy on gas or were electric, that would be great. The current prices of new electric vehicles are a bit pricy yet but this should improve once they are mass produced. I'm looking and following the developments. Well, its time for me to head off to bed. Have a good night all! - Volker

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