Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday at Burnaby Mountain

There were great plans for Saturday afternoon but the sun soon disappeared and was replaced by an overcast sky which was not the best for taking photos, especially of the autumn colours. Above is a photo of trees (mostly Japanese maple) in colour at the eastern end of the rose garden on Burnaby Mountain's western end. Below is a close-up of some of that colour.

A planting of beech trees at the western end near the Horizon Restaurant is just starting to get some colour in its leaves and an owl totem, part of the sculptures found at this end of the mountain, seems to watching the goings on.

The photo above shows a view of part of the sculptures plus Vancouver in the background. The point of light in the photo below is the sun trying to shine through the cloud cover.

The cherry trees have just a little colour, so I'll have to come up later, perhaps in a week or so to have another look. Its just too early here, yet in other areas of the lower mainland there is more to be seen in the way of autumn colour but this gives you an idea. Today it is pouring rain and there is not much value in venturing outside except to shop indoors somewhere. For Canadians, I hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and made the best of it whatever the circumstances! - Volker

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