Monday, October 20, 2008


Today was another of those slow days after a night of limited sleep. I guess I should say broken sleep really. For various reasons I couldn't get back to sleep after I was first awakened just before 1 in the morning but I survived the day.

The weather was rainy and overcast, a typical autumn day here along the west coast in British Columbia's lower mainland. It was rain, sometimes heavy, in the morning with some clearing in the afternoon. The weather over the next few days looks more promissing but still very autumn like.

When I got home, sorted my things away and then made supper, I spent some time behind the computer (that's where I still am) reading emails and catching up on some of the blog reading. I also got an email from Robert, the blogger from Delayed and Distracted, who is currently studying in Strasbourg, France. He's made some new friends, improved his French language skills (and who can't avoid that if you're living in the language) and is excited about being in the city and its culture! And who can't be excited about it, I've been in the city three times myself over the years. Wish him luck in his studies and perhaps we'll see some interesting posts from Robert in future when time permits. Oh, you also see, we have our lives outside blogging, otherwise we wouldn't have something interesting to tell you and you'd miss out on all that!

Well, I'm off to bed soon and hope to get more sleep than was the case last night. Here's hoping the sandman hits pay dirt and has me in a deep sleep for a change (you've all heard of the Danish fairytale about the sandman spreading his dream sand haven't you?)! Have a good night!!! - Volker

P.S. - The above photo is a scene of the city of Strasbourg (ponts couverts vus de la terrasse panoramique). I've taken photos from that very terrace, a venue showing the various canals of the Ill River flowing through the old city, such a lovely shot! - The photo is from the Wikipedia Commons.

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